Google, Bing Signs Up To Crackdown Pirate Sites On Web Searches

by latinmedia | February 21, 2017 9:10 am

Google, Bing Signs Up To Crackdown Pirate Sites On Web Searches[1]

Under the new plan which Google and Bing signed to crackdown piracy on websites, Internet users might find it hard to search for pirated films, music, and other illegally streamed live football matches.

Search engine companies like Google and Bing recently signed up to a voluntary code of practice which aimed to prevent users from visiting disreputable content providers. One of the US tech giant, Microsoft together with Google and Bing have also reached a truce with the Government as well as the creative industries for a battle over links to pirated music online and films.

According to The Guardian[2], search engine operators like Google and Bing supports for a clampdown that will see the UK’s copyright watchdog monitors the search results which they provide for unlawful websites.


The entertainment industry has reached the agreement to the tech giants like Google and Bing following the talks brokered by the government. The initiative will run together with the existing anti-piracy measures.

The said code is considered as the first of its type in the world and is expected to operate by summer. Google and Bing have also indicated that initiative is a solution to check how effective is the exiting anti-piracy efforts without adding new measures.

According to BBC[3], the communications watchdog Ofcom also supports the talks by exploring the techniques which could use to make sure those internet users will avoid encountering illegal contents.

Google and Bing have already made some adequate measures when it comes to preventing piracy. The firms will remove some specific page links from its search results every time a right holder provides evidence of copyright infringement.

Google and Bing want to keep people from visiting illegal sites. Staying away from those sites will keep them safe from spam, advertising, and malware which are usually acquired through streams and download.

Stan McCoy of Motion Picture Association in Europe said that pirate websites are now easy to find via search. Hence he appreciates Google and Bing’s willingness to improve the situation by supporting the anti-piracy.

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