12 Times Latina Celebs Wore The Sexiest Red Carpet Dresses Ever

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10. Demi Lovato at the MTV VMAs in 2014
Wearing a red dress is like making a statement. You know everyone will be looking at you, and you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd. But Demi went the extra mile and wore a red dress with major cleavage showing, cause when you know you look sexy there’s no point in playing it safe.

11. Eva Longoria at the Golden Globes in 2012
Who said only Angelina Jolie is allowed to wear a dress with an insanely high slit. Eva Longoria can do it too, and in our opinion she did it better, showing of her toned legs in this gorgeous high-thigh slit dress with an open back.

12. America Ferrera at the Cannes Film Festival, 2014
America Ferrera turned heads at the Cannes in her gorgeous white dress. She was the picture of elegance and style. The cheeky sheer detail at the front only added character to her style.




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