12 Times Latina Celebs Wore The Sexiest Red Carpet Dresses Ever

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4. Jennifer Lopez at the Billboard Awards, 2015
Looking at J-Lo in that semi sheer dress you’d never guess she was 45. This awesome lady knows how to show off her curves and you’ve got to admit she looks freaking incredible.

5. Sofia Vergara at the Emmys, 2012
Few women would be able to wear this kind of dress and look good in it, but to Sofia Vergara it’s just another day of looking great. Now if you consider that she’s in her 40s you’ll be even more impressed, right?

6. Salma Hayek at the Golden Globes, 2003
Such a simple dress, yet how amazing does it look on Salma. You really have to have an awesome body to be able to make a simple red v-neck slip work for you the way it does for Salma. She’s absolutely breathtaking.


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